Two of the main products I worked on in T-Mobile’s signature store were touchscreen experiences that customers could interact with to learn about some of T-Mobile’s offers: Simple Global and Music Freedom.
Before creative work, I helped define the flows that users would navigate when using the Simple Global experience.  Simple Global allowed users to spin a globe and view cards on various locations around the world by tapping on them.  They could also take a selfie with the location’s background with a built in camera in the store screen.
As the project went on, I helped translate the flows into visual designs done by our creative team.  The biggest hurdles were making sure that the transition from the Attract state to the Engage state were clear and that the exploration and selfie flows were intuitive.
I performed similar work for the Music Freedom experience, which allowed users to build an infographic on screen based on a selection of questions and answers.  I provided initial interface designs and user flows to creative and development.

In addition to the in store touchscreen experience, I worked on a few other platforms related to the signature stores.  To access and download images produced by Simple Global and Music Freedom, users need to visit a microsite associated with the signature store.  I worked with our business analysts and creative team to define the flow and design the interface of this retrieval system.
Also, owners of the video and marketing content of the signature stores needed a program to host, modify, and view their playlist of videos that looped on store screens.  I produced wireframes and a rapid prototype to help development quickly get a web based dashboard up and running.

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