My capstone project for HCDE was a multi-quarter long team report that covered the research, ideation, design, and testing of an outdoor safety wearable system called Beacon.  After creating a project vision and schedule, our team tackled three main milestones: a user research report including web research, competitor analysis, interviews, and surveys; physical and digital designs that were defined from requirements over many iterations; and a final prototype produced from rounds of user testing.  In the end, we compiled our milestones into a report, presented our product at a capstone fair, and created a promotional video and poster.
In an Information Visualization class I worked on a team that practiced concepts of data visualization through a project involving UW parking data.  Over the ten week quarter, our team analyzed data sheets provided by the university in Tableau and used exploratory analysis to create a dashboard of parking data that added value for campus visitors.  After testing and iterating on our design with prospective users, we delivered a final report including our background research, design decisions, and completed dashboard.
For a User Experience Design class I worked on a quarter long, team project involving the ideation and design of a roommate app called Octo.  Our initial milestones included background user research, personas, storyboards, and user requirements. I then contributed to a comprehensive design process that saw sketches turn to wireframes and visual designs through user testing with rapid prototypes and critique sessions.  Our final report detailed every phase of the process and showcased the design decisions that went into the final product.
In a Usability Research Technique course I learned and practiced the fundamentals and methods of usability testing and research.  Together with a few classmates I executed and delivered a detailed usability test for GiveGab, a mobile application that focuses on volunteering opportunities.  Over the course of the quarter, we wrote a detailed project plan, compiled a comprehensive test kit, conducted multiple usability sessions with users, and delivered a report of findings and analysis.  
For a User Interface Design class I worked on team that researched, designed, and prototyped a carbon tracking wearable system called C6.  Throughout the quarter I contributed to milestones including background research, personas, storyboards, user flows, screen designs, physical models, and digital prototypes.  Our final report detailed an iterative design and prototype process for a product that focused on a wrist wearable with a projection interface. 
For a Project Management and Computer Supported Work class I worked on a ten week, team project involving the redesign of the Amazon Kindle X-Ray feature.  Our team delivered a final report that covered an in depth evaluation of the current functionality and a detailed project plan to manage and execute a redesign.  Milestones included a work breakdown structure, detailed schedule, vision document, and specification requirements. I contributed documents and artifacts for a design solution that focused on an inline, swipeable interface. 

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